PT. King Prime Security (KPS) is a security system company incorporated in Jakarta.

The company aims to be the market leader as a customer-need driven security systems provider, harnessing the national security systems market with the expertise and knowledge of its technical partner combined with the application of carefully selected and professionally trained staff, well provided with state of the art equipment.

Since its conception, King Prime Security has constantly provided leading edge technology in CCTV and building management systems. Our versatile, high quality CCTV systems cater not only to the industrial and commercial sectors but to the residential community as well. Applications are versatile and cover various levels of security, process control, machine vision and scientific uses.

We provide network designs using fiber optic cable, coax cable and space transmission using CAD support systems.

A comprehensive database is used to provide material lists, costing and shipment tracking plus a number of other elements needed to effect a successful project implementation.  Product types and models are available upon request.

With the recent rapid development of electronic technology, electronic security has become more and more of the overall security system. Electronic security systems, which were expensive five years ago, are now affordable to corporations, commercial enterprise as well as private residences, due to the availability of technologies, previously used for military purposes only, are now made available to business.

King Prime Security is in the position to provide an evaluation suitable to the specific requirements of the Clients with regard to the design, procurement, installation and technical maintenance of the system.

Prior to the purchase and installation of the electronic security system, King Prime Security will conduct a Technical Survey and discussions to determine the needs and requirements of the Clients.

It is vital to the Clients, that in designing the security system the internal and external environment has been taken into account, meaning that King Prime Security designs tailor made electronic security systems.

The company requires a team approach to the solution of clients’ defined security needs.  Whilst not being prescriptive, we ask that clients and customers value our knowledge and contribution in making recommendations, that they respect our judgment and work with us in ongoing programmers of refinement and improvement to adjust to changing needs. 


Our vision is to provide Electronic Security Systems with commitment to service excellence and with greater accuracy than the event-based historical systems available today.


1. To create service-based company whose goal is to exceed customers'  expectations.

2. To increase the numbers of clients services by at least 20% per year  through superior performance and word-or mouth referrals.

3. Have a clientele return rate or 90% by the end of second year.

Our mission is to find a range of security equipment not yet widely available in Indonesia as well as to introduce and develope radio frequencies identification (RFID) technology to the Indonesian market. 

We aim to become a distributor and installer of mid range CCTV and associated products to open up largely untapped market. We will also offer other products such as Surveillance Systems, Access Control, Alarms, Management Systems, and Special Equipments as well. The organization structure of King Prime Security geared towards covering every requirements and support needed by customers with the necessary experience and skills.